Mission Statement

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 23 Pipes & Drums strive to provide musical services in support of the Community of North Bay and area while maintaining and advancing the tradition of pride and respect for Canada’s Veterans.



  1. To consistently deliver the musical services with a high level of musical expertise, decorum, and precision as a non-competitive marching and static performance band.
  2. To encourage teaching of new members and development of current members for individual musical advancement toward overall competence, and longevity of the Band.
  3. To provide the opportunity for advanced musical training including individual and group adjudications through festivals, workshops, and competitions to achieve higher levels of musical expertise.
  4. To promote comradeship between the band members, the Legion, other Community Organizations and other Piping and Drumming communities.



A group of volunteers who come together in mutual interest for performing must constantly strive for cohesiveness and agreement for standards of behavior and performance. These rules are designed to assist the Band in its collective effort to be loyal to its mission statement and enhance its ability to reach the stated goals.

  1. The Band will maintain an Executive Group to lead the Band and hold decision making powers. The Executive Group will consist of the Pipe Major, Pipe Sergeant, Drum Sergeant, Pipe Corporal and Drum Corporal. Decisions will be made based on a majority vote of the Executive Group. In the event of ties or disputes, the Pipe Major’s decision will be final.
  2. The Band will also maintain additional administrative positions as required, and are subject to change. These positions may include Quartermaster Treasurer, Secretary, Web Master, Public Relations, Legion Liaison, etc.
  3. New members will be required to demonstrate an acceptable level of musical expertise decorum, and personal character consistent, with the Band’s Mission Statement and Goals before receiving approval from the Band Executive for Band Uniform issue and inclusion for parades and performances.
  4. Members will strive to attend, on time, all practices, parades and performances. Members will be generally required to provide previous notice to their section leader should they not be able to attend.
  5. Members are expected to be supportive of the Band’s Mission and Goals. Should there be a conflict, concern or dispute, the members will bring their difference of opinion to the Pipe Major for discussion in an open and constructive manner, with the required members deemed necessary to resolve the issues.
  6. The Pipe Major, or designate, may direct any member to refrain from playing or participating in a performance or parade, if the Pipe Major deems it in the best interest of maintaining optimum performance of decorum consistent with the Band Goals.
  7. In the event that a member’s performance, effort, behavior or attendance becomes sub-standard on a consistent basis with no indication of improvement, the Band Executive will review the person’s membership status. The review will consider actions for positive changes and the satisfactory resolution of problems. However, in the event of failure to reach a satisfactory conclusion the Band Executive may terminate the person’s membership.
  8. Attendance records will be maintained. A minimum attend rate of 50% is expected.



#1 – glengarry, day jacket, long-sleeve grey shirt, tie, vest, kilt, leather sporran, grey hose, black garter flashes, footwear (Ghillie Brogues or regular footwear), government-issue medals, Legion medals for Legion functions only.

#2 – glengarry, long-sleeve grey shirt, tie, vest, kilt, leather sporran, grey hose, black garter flashes, footwear (Ghillie Brogues or regular footwear).

#3 – glengarry, short sleeve white shirt, collar rank pins, tie, kilt, waist belt, leather sporran, white popcorn hose, black garter flashes, footwear (Ghillie Brogues or regular footwear), government-issue service ribbons for military functions.